Mental Health First Aid (Adult)
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Mental Health First Aid (Adult) is approximately seven (7) hours of training and is broken up into three (3) portions, the Pre-Work Section, the Skills Section, and the Post-Work Section. This training is free through the Local Behavioral Health Authority at the Maryland Department of Health. All materials are free. Once the pre/skills/post work and evaluations are completed (with a passing score), you will obtain a certificate that is valid for three (3) years.

Because of COVID-19, additional options for course delivery have been made available to you. There are three (3) ways to take this course: one, 100% Virtual Delivery; two, 100% In-Person Delivery; and three, a Blended Delivery option where you complete the self-paced pre/post work online and then the skills portion is given in-person. This course can also be given in one day or broken up into two days.

The only stipulation is that there needs to be at least five (5) people signed up in order to give the course. Once you have completed this interest form, you will be placed on a waitlist. We will reach out via email or telephone once a course becomes available that matches your preferences. Thank you.

The Allegany County Local Behavioral Health Authority (LBHA) is responsible for planning, managing, and monitoring publicly funded behavioral health services with the county. This includes planning for service development, encouraging providers to develop and deliver a full range of treatment and rehabilitation services for persons with mental illness or substance use disorders, and working with the Behavioral Health Administration, Office of Health Care Quality, and Administrative Service Organizations to investigate complaints and monitor the delivery of services.

Additionally, the LBHA works to ensure people have access to needed services, educates the public about mental health and substance abuse, hosts trainings to enhance skills of behavioral health providers, and advocates with other systems on the behalf of individuals with mental health and substance use disorder.